Upcoming concerts

On this page you can find information about HMO’s upcoming concerts. Due the COVID-19 situation, please note that the program may change and the number of people in the audience may be limited.

More information about HMO’s previous concerts can be found here.

See you in the concert!

Strauss & Madetoja

Friday, May 27th, 7 pm, Lauttasaari Church

Saturday, May 28th, 7 pm, Helsinki Temppeliaukio Church

Richard Strauss: Four Last Songs

Leevi Madetoja: Symphony Nr 1 in F Op. 29

Varvara Merras-Häyrynen, soprano

Sasha Mäkilä, conductor

Upcoming concerts

  • J. Sibelius
  • H. Alfvén
  • M. Pergament
Conductor Sasha Mäkilä, soloist Martin Malmgren, piano